UMass Dartmouth School of Marine Science and Technology

Researchers at UMass Dartmouth recently retrieved an underwater glider they deployed to capture data that would help scientists better understand hurricanes.

As I sat down to write this week’s bird report, I was prepared to talk about the latest mind-bogglingly rare bird to turn up on the Cape. But then I had one of those forehead-slapping realizations where the proper course of action becomes painfully obvious. I’ll get to that rare bird next time, but this week we obviously need to talk turkey.

Sarah Mizes-Tan / WCAI

The commercial bay scallop season opened on Nantucket at the beginning of November and will run through the end of March, but for bay scallopers, this year’s harvest is already looking to be pretty lean.

Out in Madaket harbor on the western-most edge of Nantucket, scalloper Blair Perkins is throwing out a test dredge, and scanning his catch for the iconic bivalve that seems to be getting scarcer and scarcer in a net full of shells, crabs and spanish moss. 

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"It's such a nice sound, to be able to hear how your ancestors must have spoken," says Earl Mills, Chief Flying Eagle of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.

A Thanksgiving Essay

14 hours ago

Forty-six years ago, the world as I know it ends.

My mother traveled Europe and Mexico alone in the 1940’s, built a career as an opera singer and voice coach, and gave everything to have one precious baby. Just as I am launching out in to the world at the tender age of 18, she disappears forever.


23 hours ago

It’s Thanksgiving week and the start of the season of giving. It’s also the time of year when nonprofits and community organizations make their annual appeal for donations. But giving isn’t limited to writing a check: there are a number of ways we can give back to community organizations, and enjoy the good feelings that result.

A Plot of Land, A Group Effort

Nov 20, 2018
Dennis Minsky

It is November now; our incipient meadow is put to bed.  But I remember back a few weeks: the September sun was high in the cloudless sky - and hot.  My level back received the full effect of its rays, as I was on my hands and knees in a weedy field.  It could have been July or August, save for the cricket din all around me.


The Hallmark version of Thanksgiving involves friends and family gathered around a beautifully set table for a delicious holiday meal, maybe sharing a bite of pie.

When the now-debunked paper by Andrew Wakefield linking vaccines to autism was published in 1998, American vaccine developer Peter Hotez immediately questioned its findings.

“The paper never made much sense to me,” he said. “We already knew that the changes in the brains of kids with autism are pretty pervasive. And I couldn't imagine a mechanism by which a vaccine could cause autism.”

Jenny Hill / unsplash

You might want to consider adding a brisk walk to your Thanksgiving plans. The Department of Health and Human Services has released some guidelines for physical activity and finds that approximately 80 percent of teens and adults fail to get a healthy amount of exercise.


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