Learn more about a cigar-shaped object that some Harvard professors believe to be of "alien origin" on Looking Skyward with WCAI's Brian Morris and Regina Jorgenson, Director of Astronomy at the Maria Mitchell Association on Nantucket.

After hearing his father, Fairhaven fisherman Louis Doucette Jr. talk about his experience during one particular storm, Paul Doucette decided to do some research. His new book chronicles what happened, not just to his father, but to many other mariners during that weather event in November of 1962. Research turned into a book and Paul Doucette joins Mindy Todd to discuss book Neptune’s Nor’easter, a Storm at Sea, The True story of a Bombogenesis Storm.


Shane Hofeldt

If you’ve spent time in Provincetown you’ve likely noticed a bright orange dory moored in the harbor. The boat belonged to a fisherman known to many in town, Eddie Ritter.  Producers Marnie Crawford Samuelson and Shane Hofeldt bring us this appreciation of Eddie and his beloved dory.


Keepers of the Light

14 hours ago

In 2015 the Gay Head light on the western end of Martha’s Vineyard was moved 129 feet back from the eroding cliffs. It was an engineering feat to move the iconic 400 ton brick structure: a feat that captivated people both on and off island. Liz Witham and Ken Wentworth’s film Keepers of the Light uses the moving of the Gay Head light as a backdrop to explore the rich history of Aquinnah and the people who live there. Liz Witham joins Mindy Todd on The Point to discuss the film.


There's only a few weeks of the informal session left, which is not much time for outgoing lawmakers to check off their to-do lists.

WCAI's Kathryn Eident checks in with State House reporter Mike Deehan to find out more about that, and about Governor Charlie Baker's agenda now that he's been re-elected to his second term.

Ali Berlow

On my last visit home to Wisconsin, one of my oldest friends and I were at the thrift store and came across a used ice cream maker which got us talking. She swears by her hand crank model but I love the convenience of my electric one. 

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Aquaculture is on the rise in Massachusetts.  For many entering the business, shellfish farming seems like a more secure option than the marine fisheries.  But climate change looms as a long-term threat over the industry. 

Pien Huang/WCAI

As executive chef at Fisherman’s View Restaurant, Scott Robertson is a pioneer in the growing field of Jonah crab cuisine.

Lone Star Tick Upsurge

Nov 14, 2018

Black legged ticks and dog ticks are common in our region, but there’s a new tick in town: the lone star. Unlike other ticks, the lone star feeds primarily on deer blood, a concern for regions with large deer populations. On The Point, we discuss the health risks from lone star tick bites, and strategies to keep our yards and our bodies free from ticks.

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Another week of fall has brought another slate of wacky birds to the Cape and Islands. Whether late lingering landbirds are your thing, or southern seabirds are what tickles your fancy, as usual, we can accommodate you here on this birdy archipelago.


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