Elspeth Hay

You've probably heard of chervil, lemon basil, and lemon verbena. But have you ever cooked with them? This week on the Local Food Report, Elspeth Hay talks with several local growers about these unusual summer herbs—what the plants are like, and what to do with them in the kitchen. 

photo by Dan Tritle

Depression.  The cause is believed to be a combination of  genetic, environmental, and psychological factors.  Who's at risk?  We discuss the topic, as well as treatments such as TMS, transcranial magnetic stimulation, a non-invasive producere which uses magnetic fields to stimulate the brain.

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There’s lots to talk about in the world of astronomy: Andromeda Galaxy is currently visible, but you need a dark sky to see it. There’s a rogue free-range planet with a magnetic force and a strong aurora that’s being detected by scientists, and experts are saying that there’s no life in the Omega Centauri. 

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Experience music, culture and dance this weekend across the Cape and on the Vineyard. 

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A dragger steaming into Menemsha Harbor on Martha’s Vineyard back on August 6th was harboring a stowaway. This unauthorized passenger from the Caribbean had awkwardly boarded the boat about 5 miles south of Gay Head before settling calmly on the cooler to hitch a ride back to the harbor. The stowaway was a seabird known as the Brown Booby, the first of his kind ever seen on the Vineyard, and he brought birders from all over the island to get a peek.

Calvin / https://bit.ly/2zkDE7n https://bit.ly/RT9dL0

The eternal quest of the bookstore employee.

A. Rives McGinley

Shorebird populations are on the decline, and species that nest in the Arctic are among the most affected.  On the Point, ornithologist Mark Faherty talks about shorebirds, the diet of a Great Blue Heron, and other news from the birding world.  Mark is science coordinator at Mass Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

What You Discover on the Backshore Beach

Aug 14, 2018
L. Lerner

The Backshore beach is a veritable graveyard.  Littered all about, from the tide line up into the dunes, are bodies and body parts.  Some are fresh, the tide’s latest delivery; others lie, bleached and scoured, as if they had been there for all time. 

Elizabeth Lies / unsplash

Just over a year ago, NY Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer ran a story by David Wallace-Wells entitled The Uninhabitable Earth. It was a litany of apocalyptic worst-case climate change scenarios that sparked an energetic conversation about the value of shock and fear in motivating climate action. 

One North Atlantic right whale has been found dead this year compared to 17 last year.
NOAA Photo Library / https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

There’s a bit of good news when it comes to the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. Only one dead whale has been found in 2018, as opposed to the 17 that were found last year.

One possible source of improvement were the closures of the snow crab fishery in Canada and the reduction of ship speeds in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where the whales were seen in large numbers last year.


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