Stress associated with caring for chronically ill family members can lead to anxiety and depression. Caregivers sometimes pay more attention to the health of the person they are caring for then their own, and feelings of hopelessness and isolation often arise. On The Point, Mindy Todd talks with our guests who are mental health profesionals: psychiatrist Dr. Marc Whaley; psychologist Dr. Michael Abruzzesse; psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Schwartz; and clincial therapist Ann Geagan.

Fresh Sonic: At Sea

14 hours ago
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Librarian Michael Dyer on the history of whale ship logbooks.

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A couple of times this winter I’ve been lucky enough to hear one of our more obscure nocturnal residents in my neighborhood. This species is relatively quiet in winter compared to our more common owls, but, if you can whistle, they can be coaxed to reveal themselves. Everything about the species in question is adorable - their tiny, compact bodies; their huge staring, yellow eyes; and their array of stuffed toy sounds. But don’t be fooled – if you are a white-footed mouse, the Northern Saw-whet Owl is a stone-cold killer.

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As the partial government shutdown continues into its 25th day, WCAI wants to hear how local folks are being impacted. On The Point, we share emails from federal workers and talk with the owner of a local company that holds contracts with the federal government: over 100 of her employees are without work because of the shutdown. 

More Art Upstairs

Jan 15, 2019

The documentary More Art Upstairs by Cape Cod native Jody Hassett Sanchez takes us to Art Prize, a populist experiment that inverts the equation of who gets to decide what art has value by letting the general public vote, via their phones, on which works will win much of the $500,000 in prize money. We talk with Sanchez about the film and if the competition reshapes how the public views art and how artists view their work.

My Town

Jan 15, 2019
David Dunlap, "Building Provincetown"

You have your town and I have mine.  You love your town and I love mine.  It is late fall now, our summer visitors, have left for their true homes- left with sadness, with regret, but left nonetheless with dreams of returning.

Short-finned pilot whales maintain social groups using different dialects.
Espinya, CC BY-SA 3.0,

People in different countries often speak different languages. And even within a community, different groups may have distinct dialects or slang. Turns out, the same is true of pilot whales.



Each month we check in with the writers at Nature News to talk about the stories they've been following. This week we spoke with Benjamin Thompson from the Nature Podcast.

J. Junker

Cancers are a leading cause of death worldwide. Nearly forty percent of us are diagnosed with cancer at some point in our lives. And cancer care cost close to $150 billion in 2017. Of course, we also spend billions on cancer research to develop new ways to better detect and treat cancers. 

L. Lerner

Monarch butterflies are in trouble. Populations have declined steeply in recent years. A 2017 report found that monarchs in the Western U.S. could be extinct within decades if the current trends continue. New research is shedding light on some of the factors at play and some of them are unexpected like an increase in the size of monarchs. 


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