Fall Birds of the Cape and Islands

Sep 11, 2018

For the monthly Bird program on The Point, Mark Faherty, wildlife biologist at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, joins our host Mindy Todd in the studio. The fall migration is in full swing; some birds passing by here are on their way to South America! Fall birds are not as easy to spot: they are not singing as much and not wearing their colorful breeding plumage. Many migrating shore birds are still here and can be found in any area with tidal flats. Big flocks of certain species such as starlings are coming through; one can find them among oaks and other nut trees.

All That Washes Ashore

Sep 11, 2018
Mary Bergman

I spent most of my summers learning to sail at the West End Racing Club in Provincetown. The other kids were all natives of this sandy spit, and they all took to sailing like they had salt water in their veins. Most were the children of fishermen or  the great-granddaughters of whalers who overwintered in the Arctic.

Robert W. Turner II has written a new book about the NFL
Courtesy Robert W. Turner II

Neither the controversy over football players taking a knee during the national anthem nor the increasingly apparent risk of long term brain damage for players has badly hurt NFL television ratings thus far.

For players, the draw is the competition, the fame, and the fortune. The average salary is a little over two million dollars per year for NFL players.

NordWood Themes / unsplash

It seems like there’s a new study with some sort of dietary health recommendation every week, and often the latest results contradict what we’ve heard before. Just in the past couple of weeks, a study came out claiming that the low-carb diets so many of us have been encouraged to follow may actually be shortening our lives. Another group of researchers announced that their findings suggest moderate alcohol consumption is not the way to go, that there is in fact no safe level of drinking. The examples go on and on.

Julie Libarkin has compiled an online list of people who have faced credible harassment allegations.
Courtesy Julie Libarkin

Rates of sexual abuse and harassment in academic science are second only to the military. It's estimated that at least half of women faculty and staff face harassment and abuse and that 20 to 50 percent of women students in science, engineering, and medicine are abused by faculty. Those numbers are generally based on surveys, which are an important way of getting a handle on the problem and how it changes women’s career trajectories.

A Vietnam Vet Finds Solace in Baseball

Sep 10, 2018
Photo by Otis Gray

Keven Joyce wears his Vietnam medals in the form of stickers on the bottom of his umpire’s mask. He’s proud of his time in the marine corp, but those stickers are among the only indicators that he served at all. That’s because he was in the Battle of Hue  50 years ago in 1968, and he’d rather not remember it. It was an infamously bloody battle that lasted 26 days and took the lives of over 200 marines. While other veterans find solace in reminiscing and reuniting, Keven has his own way of dealing with memories he has no choice but to carry.

Poetry Sunday: William Fields

Sep 9, 2018

William Fields reads his poem, "A Pond in Provincetown."

S Junker

WCAI News Director Steve Junker hosts a roundup of some of the top local and regional news of the week, including: this week’s primary elections saw higher voter turnout than anticipated across the Cape and Islands; an aerial park in Sandwich is ordered to close; and Outer Cape towns look to improve communications at remote beaches, in case of shark bites. 

Sarah Tan / WCAI

After an endangered North Atlantic Right whale washed up dead on the shores off Chatham last week, researchers have been working to determine its cause of death. The whale is the second dead right whale recorded this year. 

S. Junker

An unusual catch sparked interest this week: juvenile bonito were being taken in numbers at a few spots on Cape Cod Bay east of the Canal. We talk about it in this week's Fishing News, and look at the seasonal change that means good opportunities for shore fishermen.  


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