Weekend Outlook: Unique Things to Do

Sep 6, 2018
Ron Schloerb / Cape Cod Times


The weather is looking great for this weekend, and fortunately there's lots to do outside. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

It was a big week in Massachusetts politics, with Tuesday's state primary filled with surprises, upsets, and a historic win. WCAI's Kathryn Eident talked with State House reporter Mike Deehan about some of the highlights. 


As part of the Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival Author Series, President Bill Clinton was on the Vineyard in August to discuss his first novel The President is Missing. The book is co-authored with James Patterson. We recorded Clinton in conversation with Bob Barnett discussing the timely issues that the novel raises about our world as well as the collaborative writing process.


Elspeth Hay

Shrub is a colonial soda made with fresh fruit, vinegar, and sugar. This week on the Local Food Report, Elspeth Hay talks with a Wellfleet cook using local beach plums to make this old-fashioned soda.

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Numerous books have been written about the Cuban Missile Crisis; by both historians and those who had first-hand knowledge of the people and events that took place. One aspect of the events leading up to the crisis that hasn’t gotten much attention is the story of the U-2 pilots who were performing top secret surveillance flights of Cuba.

Mark Faherty


Most of you would agree that shorebirds are inherently beautiful – these graceful and delicate, long-winged beach sprites arrayed in subtly beautiful earth tones, often splashed with brighter orange or red, are not in need of further adornment. 

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Good, solid cranberries. 


In October of 2015 the El Faro, a U.S. flagged cargo ship, sank in Hurricane Joaquin northeast of the Bahamas. Despite a seasoned crew, state of the art navigation systems, and advance warning of the storm, the ship went down with without sending out a Mayday and without launching lifeboats.

Shellfish Memories

Sep 4, 2018
Matthew Essman / unsplash

Robert Finch was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, and is taking some time off.  We've gone into the archives, and today we're re-airing one of our favorite A Cape Cod Notebook essays. It's called "Shellfish Memories."

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In recent weeks we’ve seen headlines proclaiming water on Mars and the moon. We tend to think of water - whether it's liquid or ice - as being relatively rare in our solar system. But what if the universe were full of watery worlds? That's what some new research is suggesting.


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