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Viki produces WCAI's Arts and Ideas hosted by Jay Allison and is the Associate Director of Atlantic Public Media (APM), our production partners in Woods Hole.  Together with Jay Allison and Atlantic Public Media she produces the Sonic ID's, the Local Food Report, One Species at a Time and essays for local and national broadcast.  

She began as a radio stringer for ABC News in Rome, Italy, while working as a location/production manager for film documentaries.  Viki is an editor for, the first website awarded a Peabody and a collaborator on four Peabody Award-winning series, Lost & Found Sound ,The Sonic Memorial Project, and The Moth Radio Hour. She was the Senior Editor on the NPR series This I Believe and is currently helping to produce The Moth Radio Hour.

Ways to Connect

Ky /

"It's such a nice sound, to be able to hear how your ancestors must have spoken," says Earl Mills, Chief Flying Eagle of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.

Fresh Sonic: Disguises

Nov 14, 2018
Felipe Ferreira /

Kate Brosnon lives on Nantucket island, a place where everyone knows who you are. 

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davecito/MAPCO /

David Lamprey looks back on the town of Falmouth, as he knew it. 

Anthony DeRosa /

On Halloween, you can be anything you want to be. With some exceptions. 

bambe1964 /

Important questions to ask, according to a paranormal investigator. 

Produced by Peter Bresnan and Atlantic Public Media. 

Fresh Sonic: The Light

Oct 17, 2018
Bharathnallan /

Oh goly, the light.

Marshmallow /

Song of the sea.

Fresh Sonic: Burn

Sep 26, 2018
Vladmir Agafonkin / /

Can I burn today?

Senza Senso /

"I just looked up how to do it an started practicing."

Pierre Metivier /

Tap dancing takes to the streets. 

Catharticflux / /

Good, solid cranberries. 

Raita Futo /

What's the difference between a cat lover and a cat social worker? 

Yiin Rei Huan / /

It didn't happen here. 

Calvin /

The eternal quest of the bookstore employee.