Bluefin Tuna on Light Tackle make for Exciting September Fishing

Sep 22, 2015

Off the tip of Cape Cod right now there’s plenty of excitement over bluefin tuna. Anglers looking for a thrill have been going for bluefin not with old-school fighting chairs and broomstick rods, but with spinning tackle, something like you would use for striped bass, beefed up just a little.

On this week's Fishing News, Kevin Blinkoff of On The Water magazine talks about the excitement over bluefin tuna, which range in size from 50lbs up to 1000lbs, and the regulatory approach to managing the fishery (you do need a special license to fish them).

Also, we round-up the weekly fishing action, as albies continue strong, and stripers and blues continue to offer good opportunities (especially stripers in Cape Cod Bay and down through the Canal). You need details? Sure you do. Listen to the Fishing News audio below.