Celebrating 10 Years of the Local Food Report

Nov 8, 2018

There are numerous foods grown and produced on the Cape and Islands. Sea salt, chocolates, bread, not to mention the wide variety of vegetables and greens grown in our region. A decade ago as the local food scene began to take off, WCAI started the Local Food Report. On The Point, we sit down with the co-hosts Elspeth Hay and Ali Berlow,  editor and producer Viki Merrick, and WCAI station founder and producer Jay Allison to discuss how the local food movement has grown and changed in the past 10 years, and how it might further evolve in the future.

Here's a link to the Local Food Report archives.

Since we’re heading into the holiday season we also talk about holiday foods and invite listeners to share favorite recipes, traditions and stories around food from the holidays. Here are links for some favorite holiday recipes:

Cranberry Goodin Puddin


Rum Pie