Grab a Bucket, Net and Flashlight: Here's How to Hunt Blue Crabs

Jul 14, 2017

Buzzards Bay and the south-facing side of the Cape from Woods Hole to Chatham mark the northenmost range of the blue crab. But just because we're at the edge of the range, doesn't mean we don't have these critters in abundance. They're there for the catching, and they're great eating. 

"I personally find them better tasting than lobster," says Andy Nebreski of On The Water magazine.  

Andy has hunted his share of blue crabs in our local waters. He offers tips for netting your daily legal limit (25) in this week's Fishing News. We also round up the fishing action (bluefin and yellowfin tuna appearing at the Dump, and more). It's in the audio below -- give it a listen.