ICYMI: Update on the March for Science, CRISPR, and Dinos

Nov 6, 2017

Holotype specimen with filament impressions
Credit Inner Mongolia Museum

For this month’s check-in with Nature News, we talk with Anna Nagle, Chief Editor of Digital & Engagement on these stories:

·      It’s been just over six months since the March for Science. At the time, march organizers said they hoped it would be the start of a lasting movement. An update on where that stands.

·      The latest news from the gene editing system CRISPR is a tweak that turns the cutting technique from machete to precision scissors. Also, there's a patent battle afoot. 

·      Experts debate why mental illness isn’t weeded out by evolution.

·      There’s a new a reconstruction of the coloration of a feathered dinosaur called Sinosauropteryx.