West Falmouth Harbor: Working to Reduce Nitrogen Loading

Jul 12, 2018

West Falmouth Harbor has been struggling with nitrogen pollution for decades. In 2002 water quality in the harbor was so poor it made it on the federal “dirty waters” list. With changes to the town’s waste water treatment plant, and by giving people thousands of dollars toward updating their septic systems, progress was made in reducing nitrogen levels in the West Falmouth Harbor. But the problem has not been solved: in fact, recent measurements show the nitrogen levels are again rising. On The Point, we discuss some of the reasons for nitrogen level increase, and some potential solutions and takeaways for other coastal regions struggling with nitrogen loading. 

 Guests on the program are Mark Rasmussen, President of the Buzzard’s Bay Coalition, and Rachel Jakuba, Science Director at Buzzard’s Bay Coalition. 

Here's a link to the Cape Eco-Toilet Center, where you can learn more about how how human waste can be transformed into safe organic compost.