Sonics: Community Voices

These short vignettes, "sonic IDs," are sound portraits and short stories that weave throughout the broadcast day of WCAI. Below you'll find samples of the hundreds in our archives. We'll also post new sonics, added as we get them.

Atlantic Public Media helps create the "Sonic IDs." The core producing team for Sonic ID project is Jay Allison, Viki Merrick, and the staff of WCAI.

See what the broadcasting newspaper Current has to say about the Sonic ID project.

An archive of some of our earliest sonics is here

The Sonic ID project was awarded a regional Edward R. Murrow award for the best use of sound by the Radio Television News Directors Association.

Pierre Metivier /

Tap dancing takes to the streets. 

Catharticflux / /

Good, solid cranberries. 

Raita Futo /

What's the difference between a cat lover and a cat social worker? 

Yiin Rei Huan / /

It didn't happen here. 

Calvin /

The eternal quest of the bookstore employee.

Fresh Sonic: Collectors

Aug 8, 2018
Chris Sawtelle / /

Scared of clowns? Steer clear of these local collectors. 

Fresh Sonic: 100 Years

Aug 1, 2018
creinehr /

15 hours of sleep per day multiplied by 100 do the math. 

Fresh Sonic: Whalesighting

Jul 25, 2018
Isaac Kohane /

Liam Russo or Captain Ahab? You decide.

Andrew Maiman / /

Robert Martin & Mark S. Petteruti work together -- quite a lot. 

Fresh Sonic: Full

Jul 4, 2018
Alden Jewell /

Don't mess with Ronnie Bereta. Or her parking lot. 

Fresh Sonic: Another Short List

Jun 27, 2018
Raul Pacheco-Vega /

Another short list from Jonathan Harris.

Mark Faherty

Lifeguard Liam Russo explains how piping plovers impact beachgoers at Head of the Meadow Beach in Truro. 

Fresh Sonic: Make Cannolis

Jun 20, 2018
Woodland Smokehouse & Commissary

Years ago, Lili Ferrara got some advice (or was it an omen?) that she's still following.  

Fresh Sonic: Milk Man

Nov 7, 2016
PJ R /

Francis Pease remembers a Nantucket milk man.

  Produced by Jim Sulzer and Atlantic Public Media

Fresh Sonic: Waves

Oct 31, 2016
Eric Nietzel /

Francesca, watching some big waves.

Produced by Frannie Carr and Atlantic Public Media