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opbmusic Presents: Mac DeMarco

Perfect for an outdoor summer night, Mac DeMarco's song "Freaking Out The Neighborhood" opens with the words, "Sorry, mama, there are times I get carried away." But nothing about the song conveys worry at all, as DeMarco presides over a briskly paced arrangement that finds his voice set against Peter Sagar's ringing guitar. This was the last weekend Sagar performed with the band (he's since released a new album under the name ), which accompanied DeMarco for this nighttime set on the Woods Stage at Pickathon, recorded last summer.

Each month through the start of the 2015 festival, opbmusic and NPR Music are premiering another video recorded at the Woods Stage, hand-picked by opbmusic to showcase some of the most exciting performances from last summer's lineup. The next premiere will run on May 19.

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David Christensen