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Photo Quiz: Cornwall or Cape Cod?

You may think you know the place in which you live. You may think you can identify it at a glance. But really... can you? Here's our visual test. And fair warning: don't go into this swaggering. It's not going to be easy.

Answers and photo credits at the bottom of the page. No peeking!

This special Quiz is part of our Falmouth-to-Falmouth radio collaboration, connecting Cornwall to Cape Cod. Find out more and listen to the program here.

Can a video really fool you? The first 2/3 of these videos could be from the same coast...

Cornwall or Cape Cod?
Cornwall or Cape Cod?

Here's a split-screen image. Which half is which?

Which half is which?
Which half is which?

Make your best guess!
A. Boats at dock (below)

credit below

B. View through trees (below)

credit below

C. Sailboats at dock (below)

credit below

D. Beach view (below)

credit below

E. To the end of the land (below)

credit below

F. To the end of the land, again (below)

credit below

G. Boats at anchor (below)

Credit below

H. Distant vista (below)

credit below

I. In the harbor (below)

credit below

J. Across the water (below)

credit below


TOP VIDEO: Castle Beach, Cornwall. Credit: Simon Neild
BELOW VIDEO: Nobska Beach, Cape Cod. Credit: Steve Junker

SPLITSCREEN: Cape Cod | Cornwall Photos: Jenny Junker, Simon Neild

A. Boats at dock - Provincetown, Cape Cod. Photo: Steve Junker
B. View through trees - Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Cape Cod. Photo: Steve Junker
C. Sailboats at dock - Penryn, Cornwall. Photo: Simon Neild
D. Beach view - Cape Cod National Seashore. Photo: Steve Junker
E. To the end of the land - Lizard Point, Cornwall Photo: Kernowfile, tinyurl.com/39tnpthc, CC2.0
F. To the end of the land, again - Penikese Island, Cape Cod Photo: Steve Junker
G. Boats at anchor - St. Ives, Cornwall Kernowfile, bit.ly/3NYkAhC, CC2.0
H. Distant vista - Dave Hilditch Photograph, Fading Light, CC2.0
I. In the harbor - St. Ives, Cornwall, Kernowfile, bit.ly/3LRpXx7
J. Across the water - Elizabeth Islands and Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod Photo: Steve Junker