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Falmouth to Falmouth: Press

Here you'll find some of the press coverage of CAI's radio collaboration with SourceFM, in Falmouth, UK.

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Collaboration between Cape Cod, British stations reveals similar challenges faced by coastal communities

Public Media AllianceFrom Cornwall to Cape Cod: Collaborative radio project unites coastal stations across Atlantic

10th May 2022
Two radio stations, based on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, have joined forces in an innovative new radio project to produce hour-long programmes of conversations between their communities.

Interview: BBC Cornwall
SourceFM's Simon Neild appears on BBC Cornwall to speak about Falmouth to Falmouth receiving a Community Radio Award for Innovation

Silver Award.mp3

Think of a Radio Station (or Podcast) as a Musical Instrument
Sound School Podcast
Steve Junker says he thinks of a radio station as a musical instrument -- a pipe organ, to be specific. It's capable of making all kinds kinds of sounds. But, he thinks public radio stations tend to only play a couple of notes - including WCAI in Falmouth, Massachusetts where he's the Managing Editor for News. In an effort to play a couple of other notes, he produced "Falmouth to Falmouth" a collaboration with another radio station in Falmouth -- Falmouth, England that is.

Interview: GBH News
Falmouth to Falmouth: A radio collaboration connects Cape Cod to Cornwall
By Paris Alston and Jeremy Siegel

May 6, 2022

Like many cities and towns in Massachusetts, Falmouth shares a name with a town in England. They also share similar challenges: environmental impacts from climate change, a lack of affordable housing, and an exodus of young people. Now they're also sharing the airwaves through a collaboration between CAI on Cape Cod and Source FM, a community radio station in Falmouth, Cornwall. CAI Managing Editor Steve Junker joined Paris Alston and Jeremy Siegel on GBH's Morning Edition to talk about the stories and issues that overlap in the two communities. This transcript has been edited for clarity and length.

Interview: BBC Cornwall
SourceFM's Simon Neild visits BBC Cornwall to talk about putting together the trans-Atlantic collaboration.

BBC Radio Cornwall interview.mp3

Interview: WCAI
Mindy Todd speaks with CAI News Director Steve Junker and reporter Eve Zuckoff about the origins of the radio collaboration project.