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Vermont's 2022 primary election results

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Elodie Reed
Vermont Public
Get Vermont's latest Primary Election Day results here, via the Associated Press.

Get the latest results from the Aug. 9, 2022 Vermont Primary Election here, via the Associated Press.

You can listen to The Frequencypodcast's round up of 2022 Primary Election results below:

Voters had plenty of races in which to cast their ballots. Who will replace Vermont's senior U.S. senator of 48 years, Patrick Leahy? With Vermont's sole House member Rep. Peter Welch running for Leahy's seat, might Vermont send a woman to Congress for the first time? Who will become Vermont's next secretary of state, attorney general, lieutenant governor and governor?

Note: only contested races included in results.

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Statewide races

State Senate races

State House races



Not seeing a race? Only contested races are included in these results. Find additional results at the Secretary of State's website.

Here are the major party candidates who will be on Vermont's general election ballot:

U.S. Senate

Democrat: Peter Welch
Republican: Gerald Malloy

U.S. House

Democrat: Becca Balint
Republican: Liam Madden


Democrat: Brenda Siegel
Republican: Phil Scott

Lieutenant governor

Democrat: David Zuckerman
Republican: Joe Benning

Attorney general

Democrat: Charity Clark
Republican: H. Brooke Paige

Secretary of state

Democrat: Sarah Copeland Hanzas
Republican: H. Brooke Paige

Find more reporting in Vermont Public's 2022 primary election liveblog, here.

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