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Martha's Vineyard is setting for new movie

Liz Lerner

Martha's Vineyard is the setting for a new movie that's scheduled to begin production this summer.

The film is titled "Vineyard Haven," and is described as a romantic comedy about class, money, and relationships.

Los Angeles-based writer-director Lukas Kendallgrew up on the Vineyard. He says that the movie will highlight the island's natural beauty as well as the realities of every-day life.

According to Kendall, the story will also include the Vineyard’s unique challenges, such as housing, and the fact that the island is often misunderstood. “It’s thought of a place for the rich and famous to have a playground,” said Kendall, “but in the winter the way I grew up in the 1980s it's just another freezing New England town with regular people trying to get by.”

Kendall said he knows of many secret locations on the island which would be great for filming. He hopes to use locals in the production, which could make its way to the independent film circuit early next year.

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