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Valentines from The Tisbury School on Martha's Vineyard

Tisbury School third-graders on Martha’s Vineyard wrote Valentine's Day poems as a library assignment, and we got to record them for radio!

Librarian Whitney Burke would like to thank the following staff members: Deb Conroy, Emma Johnson, Mollee Lewis, Anne Williamson, Nicole Shirley.

Antonio, Anna, Janaya, Davi

Benjamin, Esther A, Alice, Sophia, Tatum

Sofia, Samuel, Brielle, Cora

Griffin, Esther D, Noah, Jahlvynn

Maisie, Matheus, Kaydia, George, Emanuella

Buddy, Casiana, Jose, Jasmine

Melissa, Enzo, Yasmin, Phoenix

Dora, Ty, Rhianna

Parker, Logan, Hyana

Host and producer Dan Tritle has wanted to be on the radio since he was five years old. A washashore from the Pacific Northwest, he's been at the job since May 2000, shortly after the station went on the air.
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