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Until a few generations ago in most cultures, food stores got low this time of year. Newfoundlanders still refer to the long and hungry month of March; further south the Cherokee word for February is kagali, or the Hungry Moon. To see us through, Barnstable gardener Dave Scandurra recommends Jerusalem artichokes. He first told me about the roots this fall.

Lish Roth

Lish Roth teaches grades 6 and 7 at the Barnstable Intermediate School. She began running a fever on Saturday. At least one staff member in the Barnstable Public Schools has tested positive for covid-19. That person was at the Barnstable Community Innovation School, but Roth says students at her school have siblings at the Innovation School, and she works with at least 2 teachers who move between the schools.

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New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell says a Freetown resident has tested positive for coronavirus, the first confirmed case in Greater New Bedford. In addition, two New Bedford residents are under self-quarantine.

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The largest hospital group on the South Coast hopes to open a drive-through testing site for coronavirus as soon as possible—maybe even Thursday.

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In the wake of a state-wide ban on gatherings of more than 25 people, Alcoholics Anonymous groups across the region are adapting with the help of technology. 

Eve Zuckoff

Amid warnings that COVID-19 can last on surfaces for two to three days, businesses, schools, and organizations are doubling down on commitments to clean common spaces.

J. Junker

It’s natural to feel anxiety about things that threaten our health and safety: it helps to keep us alive. But anxiety and fear can become overwhelming and keep us from making rational choices. On The Point, we talk about how to stay informed about the coronavirus without becoming overwhelmed, what we can do to keep ourselves healthy mentally and physically during these unprecedented times, and why helping one another is often the best way to combat stress and anxiety. 


Mark Faherty

If you are like me, then you are, several times a day, seeing a term that most of us hadn’t ever heard before – social distancing. In the effort to curb the viral scourge, all good people are being asked to keep at least six feet away from each other when practicable. 

Jennette Barnes

As coronavirus testing began at a drive-through site at Cape Cod Community College, it was a slow start on a rainy morning, with only one car arriving during a 90-minute period.

Dan Tritle

On the Point, we talk about the latest on how to keep the virus from spreading, supports and services to help those in need, and how to cope with the stress and anxiety associated with the virus and the economic impact. 


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