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Poetry Sunday: Eric Edwards


Eric Edwards reads his poem "Container Ship."


I grew up in Woods Hole, a Woods Hole brat as they used to say. My first poems were published in high school, the Clipper Log, under the nurturing gaze of Mrs Pierce, an English teacher who encouraged all students to live a creative life, and made the student literary magazine a reality for the first time in Falmouth. The last few years my poems have been appearing (like wayward, fog-wrapped wraiths) in Spritsail, the historical journal for Woods Hole and Falmouth, thanks to the encouraging excellencies of Mary Lou Smith and Judy Stetson.

My last three poetry pamphlets are 11 Villanelles, 21 Triolets, and Pierrot Has a Hole, as well as a bunch of tiny books.

I was a "core actor" for Edward Gorey's Theatrical Entertainments for thirteen years, until his death. After he died we Premiered his puppet Operetta "The White Canoe" as a farewell to his genius.