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The Founders Circle

One Partner's Journey to Founders Circle:

“My wife Laura and I are long time WCAI listeners and summer residents. The bright side of a recent covid confinement has been time to listen to the station even more. I have come to appreciate what I consider WCAI’s perfect combination of local and national news. In the end, no matter the topic being presented, they are doing – at a local level – what should be done by media across the country – taking on the major world and local problems with intelligence, facts, and information. Then, and only then do they provide opinions on how those facts should be interpreted and acted upon. The conversations have always been fair and open with all sides being heard. We joined the Founders Circle, as a way to encourage the extremely important role WCAI has in all of our lives.” 

- Nick and Laura Ingoglia, Woods Hole, Massachusetts 

Patty Peal
Development Manager
508-548-9600 x2769
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Please consider joining Bob and Anne. Follow their example and celebrate your commitment to CAI with your own Founders Circle and/or Planned Gift.