Giving Days Countdown | CAI

Giving Days Countdown

The Hunter Ward Foundation wants every listener who can to become a member of the Founders Circle by Dec 31. In honor of our 20th Anniversary, they have launched the Jay Allison Founders Fund for matching gifts and will match every new Founders Circle level gift dollar-for-dollar. 

Upgrading your annual gift or sending a new contribution of $1,000 or more will qualify. Give now.

The Founders Circle is a group of individuals who care deeply about CAI and are building a strong foundation of support to keep our local programming going, as well as, stay in touch with our national neighbors through NPR.

Benefits of Founder’s Circle membership include all member benefits PLUS opportunities to meet and hear directly from our talent about their work and about new projects before they are announced to the public. In other words Founders Circle members are insiders and trusted listeners, engaged in the very fabric of our station.

Please double your gift to the station today with your Founders Circle contribution of $1,000 or more. Thank you for your consideration and thank you for listening!