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WCAI's Local News Roundup: Brewster Won't Release Video Record of Special Town Meeting

Opposition is mounting against a plan to protect nesting seabirds in the Cape Cod National Seashore by eliminating predators.

WCAI News Director Sean Corcoran hosts a discussion with journalists about the top local news stories of the week. Joining him are Geoff Spillane of the Cape Cod Times; Ryan Bray of the Enterprise Newspapers; Sara Brown of the Martha's Vineyard Gazette; Tim Wood of the Cape Cod Chronicle; Andy Tomolonis of the New Bedford Standard Times; and Nelson Sigelman of the Martha's Vineyard Times.

Among the stories they discuss this week: the Mashpee superintendent's trial to face breaking and entering charges has been pushed to February; a needle exchange program is planned for downtown Falmouth; a missing cat somehow finds its way from Vermont to Martha's Vineyard; a cat in Mashpee is found on the side of the road with two shotgun pellets lodged in its body; after the moderator of the Brewster town meeting allegedly calls a citizen a bad word, the town refuses to release the video record of the meeting; Outer Cape Health plans to expand; Bourne residents complain about a new fee for 'open gym' in town; Monomoy Regional High School is held harmless by the state for its low participation in the new PARCC assessment test; and the National Seashore gets flooded with comments about a plan to protesting shorebirds by killing the animals' predators.