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Choosing Beauty Over Convenience, Whether in Far West Texas or on the Cape and Islands: Week 1 Wrap

S. Junker
The "ocean view" from Marfa. At the edge of town, the vista stretches to far "islands" - mountains rising almost twenty miles away.

This week WCAI and Marfa Public Radio launched a first-of-its-kind host exchange experiment. The two hosts, Steve Junker and Travis Bubenik, interviewed each other as the first week came to a close, to compare thoughts and impressions.  

Both far West Texas and Cape Cod share at least this similarity: to live in such a place is not a choice of convenience. Life in both regions can be costly and sometimes isolating.  But for many people, the beauty of the natural landscape and the spirit of the place are enough to offset these potential drawbacks.  

Here's Travis speaking with Steve for air on WCAI.

And here's Steve's conversation with Travis, about his experience so far on Cape Cod, as aired on Marfa Public Radio.


Steve Junker speaks with Travis Bubenik about coming to Cape Cod.

Next week the two will talk about some of the common practical challenges facing these two small communities. 

Find out more about this host exchange experiment.

Steve is Managing Editor of News. He came to WCAI in 2007. He also hosts the weekly News Roundup on Friday mornings and produces The Fishing News.