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Now It Goes to the Jury


The jury in the murder trial of former Coast Guardsman Adrian Loya will begin deliberating his fate Friday afternoon in Barnstable. Prosecutors for the Commonwealth and Loya's defense attorney each presented closing arguments before noon. Loya could get as much as life in prison, or life in a mental institution, depending on what jury decides.

The burden is on the Commonwealth to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Loya was criminally responsible for killing Lisa Trubnikova at her Bourne home in February, 2015. 

Loya and Trubnikova had served together in the Coast Guard in Kodiak, Alaska. 

Prosecutor Brian Glenny argued that Loya spent almost two years deliberately premeditating the murder as an act of vengeance. Loya claims that Trubnikova "mentally raped" him in 2012. When his complaint to the Coast Guard instead resulted in a disciplinary report against him, Loya began plotting an elaborate attack. 

A psychologist for the defense this week claimed Loya suffered from a delusional disorder and could not appreciate the wrongness of killing Trubnikova. 

Jurors must decide whether Loya lacked criminal responsibility.