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WCAI Election Night Coverage

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Here are the results from our local races and the ballot questions.  

Incumbent Bill Keating won the 9th Congressional District over challenger Peter Tedeschi.

State Senator Vinny deMacedo won the Plymouth and Barnstable District. deMacedo defeated Democrat Deb Rudolph

Incumbent Julian Cyr won the State Senate for Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. He defeated  challenger John Flores.

Incumbent Timothy Whalen won the 1st Barnstable District over challenger Steven Leibowitz.

Incumbent Will Crocker won the 2nd Barnstable District over challenger Paul Cusack.

Incumbent Randy Hunt won the 5th Barnstable District over challenger Jack Stanton.

Republican Norman Orrall defeated Democrat Allin Frawley for the 12th Bristol seat left open by state Rep. Keiko Orrall.

State Rep. Antonio F.D. Cabral defeated challenger Michael Janson in the 13th Bristol seat.

Ballot Question results:

No on Question 1.

Yes on Question 2.

Yes on Question 3.



It's the important mid-term election, and WCAI has live coverage of results from local contests, statewide races, and the ballot questions. 

Our Election Night Coverage includes live in-studio updates and analysis from Mindy Todd, with special guests Henri Rauschenbach and Paul Niedzwiecki, as well as national coverage from NPR News.


Guest Analyst Henri Rauschenbach is a former State Senator and State Representative. He also served as Undersecretary of Administration and Finance, Senior Policy Advisor on Energy to the Governor (Gov. Cellucci and Gov. Swift), and Senior Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor (Gov. Swift).

Guest Analyst Paul Niedzwiecki is Executive Director of the Cape Cod Commission. He served as a legislative aide to State Representative John Klimm, and legislative aid to State Senator Henri Rauschenbach.

Ten WCAI reporters will also be in the field speaking to candidates and voters. 


Local Results as of 10:40pm

State Senator Vinny deMacedo won the Plymouth and Barnstable District. deMacedo defeated Democrat Deb Rudolph

Incumbent Timothy Whalen won the 1st Barnstable District over challenger Steven Leibowitz.

Incumbent Julian Cyr won the State Senate for Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. He defeated  challenger John Flores.

Incumbent Will Crocker won the 2nd Barnstable District over challenger Paul Cusack.

Incumbent Randy Hunt won the 5th Barnstable District over challenger Jack Stanton.

Incumbent Bill Keating won the 9th Congressional District over challenger Peter Tedeschi.

State Rep. Antonio F.D. Cabral defeated challenger Michael Janson in the 13th Bristol seat.

Republican Norman Orrall defeated Democrat Allin Frawley for the 12th Bristol seat left open by state Rep. Keiko Orrall.

Ballot Question results:

No on Question 1.

Yes on Question 2.

Yes on Question 3.


Updated 9:55pm

Credit Heather Goldstone

State Senator Julian Cyr wins re-election.

Credit Alecia Orsini

State Senator Vinny deMacedo wins re-election.

The Yes on 3 campaign has declared victory. 

Updated 9:15pm

Credit Brian Morris

Representative William Crocker has won re-election in the 2nd Barnstable District. 

Question 1, The Patient Safety Act, has not passed. 

Updated 8:45pm

Credit Sarah Schewe

Randy Hunt has won re-election for the Massachusetts House of Representatives, representing the 5th Barnstable district.

Updated 8:15pm

Multiple sources are reporting a win for Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate and a win for Charlie Baker for Governor. 

Turnout at some Cape and Islands polling sites as of 7pm




Updated 2:30pm

We're receiving photos and reports from listeners and staff about what they're seeing at the polls:

Elsa Partan shares this photo from Falmouth High School at 9:20am.



Sarah Peters of Falmouth took this photo of her dog, Roux outside of Town Hall in Falmouth.



And Catherine Bumpus of Falmouth shared this photo and message with us, "Vote #864 in precinct one. Falmouth Town Clerk said that’s about how many voted early too so about 60% turn out in my precinct as of 1:00."