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Valentine Greetings from Tisbury School Students

Tisbury School third-graders on Martha's Vineyard wrote Valentines as a library assignment, and we were fortunate to be able to record them. Some of the students also sent us their graphics. See them below. 

Tisbury School staff members to thank: Whitney Burke, Kathryn Harcourt, Amy Custer, Mollee Lewis, Anne Williamson, and Nicole Shirley.

Emery, Finn, Jack, Hadassa, Azi

Valentine Poems #2

Cristofer, Felix, Leticia, Leticia, Jheyson, Esther

Valentine Poems #3

Alyssa, London, Lucas, Thiago, Connor, Evelyn

Valentine Poems #4

Violette, Heytor, Jace, Gustavo

Valentine Poems #5

Amelia, Michael, Lamar, Victor, Italo, Rocco, Eluenara