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Reflections on a Pandemic: Sarah Richards

Sarah and her daughter, Leah

Over the past few weeks we reached out across our region to people from all walks of life. We asked them to share their thoughts as they navigate through the pandemic.

Here is one of the essays featured on our Reflections on a Pandemic episode of The Point.


My name is Sarah Richards. I’m a mother of three and a music educator.

The Friday we learned we would not be returning to school, I was speaking with the President and Vice President of West Falmouth Preschool where I teach music; I had mentioned to them about online music classes and they were pretty excited about the idea. I created a Facebook group and shared it and other people shared it and now we have a pretty solid little group.

We make music and we sing and we dance and we can forget about all the uncertain and scary and sad things that are going on in our world right now. And truly this small time brings me personally a lot of joy.

The response I’ve gotten has been really wonderful. I get videos and photos of my students; ones that I know and other students that I don’t know, but I’m getting to know through this group. It’s been a wonderful way to bring people and children together through the joy of music, and it brings me so much joy to be able to do that and pay it forward to our littlest members of our community.