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2020 Local Election Results

Many of the local results are in. Here's what we know. 


1st Barnstable State Representative – Republican incumbent Tim Whelan of Brewster beat Democrat Josh Mason of Dennis in the race for the 1st Barnstable District. 


Whelan told ‘CAI that his top priority is to support the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“That affects everyone right down to the ground from folks in our small business world to employees and everyone in between. We’re going to have an awful lot of work to do in the health care. So those are going to be my priorities going forward.”

Whelan says he is proud that his campaign was about the issues and he didn’t engage in unfair attacks on his opponent.   


2nd Barnstable State Representative– Democrat Kipp Diggs beat Republican Will Croker for the 2nd Barnstable District.



5th Barnstable State Representative – Republican Steve Xiarhos beat Democrat James Dever in the race for the Fifth Barnstable District.


Xiarhos told ‘CAI that he and Dever made a deal that after election day, they would share dinner together. The winner would pay. Xiarhos says that shows he ran a clean campaign that stuck to the issues. 

“But I think it’s an example of how you can run a campaign above the line and make it about service.”

Xiarhos will replace Randy Hunt, who is retiring.   


Plymouth and Barnstable State Senate Seat – Incumbent Democrat Susan Moran beat Republican Jay McMahon in the race for the Plymouth and Barnstable state Senate seat. 


Moran told ‘CAI that her first task will be continuing to deal with the pandemic.   

“So what that means in the Senate is to continue to fight for those federal dollars for our district, and also to really look at pivoting jobs program while we’re encourage everyone under the governor’s plan to continue to social distance.”

Moran says the pandemic has spurred the state legislature to work on improving telemedicine and telecommuting. She says she will keep working on these issues in the coming months. 


Barnstable County Commissioners – Sheila Lyons and Mark Forest won the Barnstable County Commissioner seats.


U.S. 9th Congressional District – Bill Keating won re-election to the US house of Representatives in the 9th congressional district. If Biden wins the White House Keating sees opportunities to work on issues that will bring us together.


“Top on that list is infrastructure- a lot of my republican colleagues are anxious  to move forward, they have needs in their own districts and certainly our economy, it will be one of the greatest recovery coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic and I look at that as one example of where we can come together.”

The engagement of young people gives Keating optimism for the future of our nation-

“So many times in our country the next generation takes a leadership role and in terms of trying to deal with some of the issues that divide us I’m hopeful that they could be catalysts for that too.”


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