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Vaccinations and Vaccine Safety

Rubella, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis A: these are among the diseases we no longer worry about thanks to the efficacy of vaccines and widespread vaccination programs. Still, many Americans are expressing doubt about the new COVID-19 vaccine. On The Point, we discuss development, testing and regulatory protocols for the vaccine, and how it will be rolled out on the Cape, Coast and Islands. We also talk about the State requirement for all school aged children to receive the flu vaccine. The deadline is approaching: December 31st. 

Guests on the program are as follows:

Deirdre Arvidson, Public Health Nurse for Barnstable County
Dr. Greg Parkinson, Pediatrician
Michael DiSpezio, Biologist, Educator, and Science Author

Link to State Flu shot Requirement for school age children

More information about the flu vaccine

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