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Netting shrimp on Cape Cod? Anglers see uptick in unusual 'summer visitors'

IMG_5613 shrimp 2.jpeg
Andy Nabreski / On The Water
A sieve full of Northern Brown Shrimp caught last summer on Cape Cod - shortly before they go into the pan for dinner!

The oceans are mysterious. Every summer, fish show up in our waters that, by many measures, don’t belong here.

This week, Andy Nabreski of On The Water magazine joins us to offer some insight.

If you’re a regular angler, most of the time you’re pulling in fish that are familiar to you: bluefish, black sea bass, scup, stripers. Even the odd ones, like sea robins, aren’t unexpected. But every now and then, something appears that makes you scratch your head...

Last year saw an incursion of brown shrimp. Yes—like the shrimp you can buy for shrimp cocktail. Here's a great video of Andy and Jimmy Fee out at night on Cape Cod catching these shrimp.

jack crevalle IMG_0440.jpeg
Andy Nabreski / On The Water
Crevalle jack, typically a southern fish species, caught here on Cape Cod.

But warming waters mean that more and more southern species of fish are showing up in Cape Cod waters. Like northern kingfish, blue runners, and Almaco jacks.

We talk about these sightings, and we round up the week's fishing action, including the continuation of great tuna fishing.

Give it a listen.

Steve is Managing Editor of News. He came to WCAI in 2007. He also hosts the weekly News Roundup on Friday mornings and produces The Fishing News.