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Whales are coming inshore more often. Here's how fishermen can stay safe

S Junker

Sharing the water with whales is a real consideration for anglers in parts of our region.

A recent incident in Plymouth, in which a breaching whale landed atop a sportfishing boat, dramatically illustrates the point. Do yourself a favor and watch the video in the Twitter post below.

Whales and fisherman are often drawn to the same location for similar reasons: massing of bait and the fish that feed on them.

Kevin Blinkoff of On The Water joins us to talk about what we know about that video — which takes place off White Horse Beach — and what fishermen should be doing to protect whales and themselves.

The organization See a Spout, Watch Out has a free online course with lots of tips for fishermen when it comes to whale interactions.

Give 'em a wide berth!

And we round up the fishing action. Go ahead and listen.