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Valentine's Day greetings from the Tisbury School

A tradition is back! Tisbury School third-graders share their valentines with CAI.

Librarian Whitney Burke would like to thank the following staff members: Emma Johnson, Mollee Lewis, Anne Williamson, and Nicole Shirley.

01: Izabelly, Camden, Alexander H.

Tisbury Valentine 1

02: Aiyra, Bernardo F, Brausa, Theo, Bella

Tisbury Valentine 2

03: Laura, Quint, Thales, Snow

Tisbury Valentine 3

04: Maggie, Sajhaun, Lorena, Justin, Melissa, Elijah

Tisbury Valentine 4

05: Jessica, Bernardo P, Emanuelly, Kathryn

Tisbury Valentine 5

06: Alex G, Enzo, Gustavo, Colby

Tisbury Valentine 6

07: Ayla, Jhon, Madelyn, Milo, Samuel

Tisbury Valentine 7

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