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An Irish harvest method for a hard-to-catch local shellfish

Elspeth Hay


Until about a decade ago, there weren't many local shellfishermen bringing razor clams to market. They're hard to harvest with a rake — the shells are paper-thin and break easily, and they're fast — they can easily out-dig a clammer's hand. But then a method called salting came over from Ireland. On this week's Local Food Report, Elspeth Hay learns about salting and the razor clam market from Ron Brunelle of Eastham.

Find out more about salting for razor clams, and get Elspeth's recipes, on the blog Diary of a Locavore.

Here's a very cool video of salting for razor clams:

This piece first aired in June 2013.

An avid locavore, Elspeth lives in Wellfleet and writes a blog about food. Elspeth is constantly exploring the Cape, Islands, and South Coast and all our farmer's markets to find out what's good, what's growing and what to do with it. Her Local Food Report airs Thursdays at 8:30 on Morning Edition and 5:45pm on All Things Considered, as well as Saturday mornings at 9:30.