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Air Force Will Pay for Cleanup of Four PFAS Contaminated Wells in Mashpee and Falmouth

Liz Lerner

An agreement has been reached that will have the Air Force pay for the cleanup of three wells in Mashpee and one in Falmouth that have been contaminated with PFAS and other chemicals coming from Joint Base Cape Cod.

Congressman Bill Keating tells CAI he met with officials from the Air Force’s environmental office Friday and the Air Force agreed to get to work on the cleanup despite the fact that contamination likely was caused by various military entities that use the base, not just the Air Force.

“We were able to secure the commitment from the Air Force to pay for the cleanup and assist with the engineering plan for the cleanup of those four wells,” Keating said Friday afternoon.

Private wells that were also contaminated will also be included in the cleanup if the owners choose to participate, Keating said.

Mashpee had already budgeted $8.5 million for the cleanup.

Congressman Keating said once jurisdictional issues were put aside, an agreement could be reached.

“You had the Air Force dealing with good conscience and with an open mind to our arguments, and agreeing to them,” Keating said.

PFAS, so called “forever chemicals” have been linked to a number of health issues. The chemicals do not break down over time.

Keating said it’s possible work on the cleanup plan could begin in weeks.

John Basile is the local host of All Things Considered weekday afternoons and a reporter.