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Fall River gets its first female Veterans Services Officer

Courtesy Micaila Britto

Fall River has a new Veterans Services Officer. Micaila Britto is the first woman in the role, and she hopes to get more women involved in the local veterans’ community.

Britto was an active duty Marine for more than six years, including during the First Gulf War.

She said people previously assumed that women in the military rarely faced frontline combat — but that assumption doesn't hold true today. “That has completely changed,” said Britto. “During Iraq and Afghanistan, the front lines blurred. And no matter who you were, you were subjected to having to be put into that combat role.“

Even after discharge, Britto said female veterans are often less visible than their male counterparts. That concern will drive her new mission: “to bring awareness of women veterans to the community and have more women get involved and do things when they realize that it's not just a bunch of old men doing things for our veterans.”

Britto wants to ensure all of Fall River’s veterans, including women, can access services like V.A. pensions and healthcare.

Britto was previously Veterans Services Officer for the town of Raynham.

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