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Dartmouth jail exceeds 100 COVID-19 cases

Courtesy Jonathan Darling, Bristol County Sheriff's Office
Bristol County House of Correction in Dartmouth

In an outbreak that began in late October, 78 people incarcerated and 23 staff at the Bristol County House of Correction in Dartmouth have tested positive for COVID-19.

Last month, one person incarcerated at the facility was hospitalized after testing positive, before returning to the jail the following day.

Many of the infections occurred in a group bunk unit, which includes dozens of beds spaced about three feet apart.

Cyrus Melo tested positive while he was detained in the group unit, where he says he was wary of the tight quarters. “I was not comfortable with it, because there were people just walking around and coughing and just not caring.”

Melo says he was transferred from the group unit to a solitary cell five hours after he tested positive last Friday. He reports experiencing mild symptoms that have since resolved.

Multiple other people incarcerated in the group bunk unit have told CAI they believe the health and safety protocols at the jail are not sufficient to limit the spread of the virus.

Every person incarcerated receives two masks upon entering the jail, and anyone who tests positive is moved into “medical isolation,” according to Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson.

A spokesperson for the sheriff says he has no plans to alter COVID-19 protocols at the jail.

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