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Bogdanovich named Housing Assistance board chair

Bill Bogdanovich
Housing Assistance Corporation
Broad Reach Healthcare
Bill Bogdanovich is president and CEO of Broad Reach Healthcare.

Broad Reach Healthcare CEO Bill Bogdanovich has been named chair of Housing Assistance Corporation's board of directors.

The region’s leading provider of affordable housing helps secure homes for more than 6,000 families on the Cape and Islands.

Bogdanovich said Broad Reach Healthcare is helping to house 10 percent of its caregivers and nursing assistants in Chatham, Brewster, and Dennis.

"The people you need to take care of you in a healthcare setting are having trouble being here and we need to make it possible for that to be different," Bogdanovich said.

Bogdanovich's appointment comes at a critical time, with half of the region's year-round workforce having moved away in search of housing.

"It's almost like when you're piloting a ship that's already in some turbulent seas but has the capacity to take on those waves," he said. "My hope is that I can just help steer it, especially as the needs have become so much greater."

Bogdanovich was named board chair in December and replaces Ray Tamasi, who served as interim chair for the late Peter Muise.

Patrick Flanary is a dad, journalist, and host of Morning Edition.