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First New Bedford film festival to celebrate a bit of 'everything'

Ethan de Aguiar new bedford film festival
Iean Morgan
Lifelong resident Ethan de Aguiar will premiere his documentary, “Love Letters for New Bedford,” this week.

Local filmmaker Ethan de Aguiar to launch inaugural festival, which runs April 18-21.

New Bedford's first film festival, set to begin Thursday, reflects the city's momentum as an incubator for artists working to establish themselves in an industry dominated by major studios.

"We're treating the film festival as a vessel to become a nonprofit organization that will be a year-round resource for filmmakers in the city," said Ethan de Aguiar, who organized the four-day event.

His documentary, “Love Letters for New Bedford,” is among the films to be screened. The feature is told through the perspectives of the city's artists and writers, and was created as part of the national Creating Connection initiative to engage the public through local art.

"To me, New Bedford is everything," de Aguiar said. "It's where I grew up, it's where I discovered my passion, and it's why I continue to give back to the city as much as I can. It has given me everything."

Click here for the New Bedford Film Festival schedule.

Patrick Flanary is a dad, journalist, and host of Morning Edition.