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WCAI News Director Steve Junker hosts a roundup of some of the week's top local and regional news, including: homeowners in Barnstable want more regulations on short-term rentals; Carlos Rafael's fishing fleet and permits will stay in New Bedford; latest estimates say the new Woods Hole terminal project will cost the Steamship Authority almost $93 million; and Massachusetts gets a chance to try early voting for a presidential primary, for the first time ever.

The Democratic candidates for the Plymouth Barnstable state Senate seat discussed climate change resilience proposals at the Wildlands Trust in Plymouth. From left, Becky Coletta, John Mahoney, Stephen Michael Palmer, Thomas Moakley, Susan Moran.
Eve Zuckoff

Democrats competing to represent Plymouth and Barnstable in the state Senate emphasized the need for urgent action to battle climate change during a forum Wednesday night. 

The five Democrats, who will face off in a March 3 primary prior to a March 31 special election, spoke passionately about renewable energy, mass transit and water quality to a packed room of nearly 100 people at the Wildlands Trust in Plymouth.   

The two Republican candidates did not attend the forum.

Romance Stories

Feb 20, 2020

Romance books are big business: 1.8 billion dollars, and there's a very devoted fan base. What makes a good romance novel? We find out on The Point. Petra Mayer, Books Editor for NPR, and Jill Erickson, Reference Librarian at Falmouth Public Library, join us to share their top picks for Books on Romance.


After the Cold War Cuba was forced to grapple with a series of agricultural crises when their industrial system suddenly lost access to chemical fertilizers, fossil fuels, and pesticides. In 2014, MDAR Commissioner at the time Greg Watson traveled to Cuba to study the takeaways from this country’s reluctant experiment.

On The Point, our behavioral health conversation this month is about recognizing when you need help, and how to find the supports you need. 

Our panel of mental health experts talk about the various disciplines, and barriers, in mental health care. State Senator Julian Cyr also joins us to talk about a mental health care reform bill that passed the Senate last week . The Mental Health A.B.C. Act proposes a more integrated system that includes parity and insurance reforms. 

Peter Flood

What’s black and white and attracts birders from all over? It’s a special Arctic seabird wintering in Provincetown Harbor, one that’s maybe never been seen in Massachusetts before. This representative of an obscure subspecies known as “Mandt’s” Black Guillemot has been causing quite a stir, and providing a few ecotourism dollars to Provincetown during this otherwise sleepy time of year.

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On June 4th in 1920, women won their long fight to vote after Tennessee became the final state to ratify the 19th Amendment. On The Point, we revisit a conversation with Elaine Weiss about her book The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote.  Weiss’s book reveals a complex and fascinating history of women’s rights, and draws parallels between politics today and one hundred years ago.

Beacons Everywhere

Feb 18, 2020
Mary Bergman

Some days, you can catch radio signals from Martha’s Vineyard, and TV from Rhode Island. Look out across Nantucket’s north shore towards Cape Cod at dusk, the horizon is speckled with blinking lights, navigational beacons and channel markers, lighthouses and radio towers. There are beacons everywhere, trying to tell us which way to go, trying to warn us of dangerous shoals.

Presidents Day

Feb 17, 2020
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It’s Presidents Day, and on The Point we discuss Presidential Trivia with Van and Wendy Northcross.  Over the last 20 years, they've been visiting the libraries, birthplaces, and gravesites of United States Presidents, collecting memorabilia and many interesting facts. Mindy Todd and Steve Junker host.


Poetry Sunday: Al Starkey

Feb 16, 2020

Al Starkey reads his poem, "When the Bow Breaks."

Dan Tritle

WCAI's Kathryn Eident hosts a roundup of local and regional news of the week.  Her guests: Cindy McCormick from the Cape Cod Times; Jack Spillane from the New Bedford Standard-Times; George Brennan from the Martha's Vineyard Times; Mary Ann Bragg from the Provincetown Banner; Josh Balling from the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, Louisa Hufstader from the Vineyard Gazette; WCAI's statehouse reporter Mike Deehan; and WCAI Morning Edition producer Sam Houghton.

In the last year, OK Cupid has seen a 240% increase in environmental mentions in user profiles. That includes terms like climate change, global warming, Greta Thunberg, and recycle.
Photographs by Getty Images; Illustration by Kaitlyn Locke/WGBH News

Valentine’s Day is a romantic time, a time to ask: Will you go out with me? Will you be mine? But a growing number of hopeful young singles are asking a different kind of question: How do you feel about… climate change?

Tisbury School third-graders on Martha's Vineyard wrote Valentines as a library assignment, and we were fortunate to be able to record them. Some of the students also sent us their graphics. See them below.

Jesse Brown is a Republican candidate for the Plymouth Barnstable State Senate seat. On The Point, host Kathryn Eident talks with him about the political issues, as part of our interview series on the candidates.

The Truth About Sugar

Feb 13, 2020

Not long ago fat was considered the nemesis to healthy eating: now sugar is in the hot seat. Those who stop eating sugar claim to feel energized and clear headed. We discuss fact and fiction about sugar and how to develop a healthy relationship with food.