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A local scientist has joined her colleagues at a spot near the North Pole; she’s part of the largest polar research expedition in history. It’s called the MOSAiC project, which stands for Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate. The $150 million endeavor is spread out over 390 days, with researchers from 20 countries participating.

On The Point, we discuss alternatives to conventional farming: hydroponics and aquaponics. Meeting the food needs of a growing global population is a challenge, and climate change will make it even more difficult. That’s according to The US Global Change Research Program’s Fourth National Climate Assessment Report. The report finds that “rising temperatures, extreme heat, drought, and heavy downpours are expected to increasingly disrupt agricultural productivity in the United States.” 

The Oscars

1 hour ago

On The Point, hosts Mindy Todd and Steve Junker talk movies with Tim Miller, Features Editor at the Cape Cod Times. They talk about this year's Academy Award nominees, the surprises, and the snubs. We also discuss the politics of a win:  is it really just about performance ? Can you "beat the critic" with your predictions for winners ? We hear from listeners throughout the region with their critique of films. 

Dennis Minsky

A path through the woods is a compromise between people and the natural world.  As long as you stay on the trail you are alright.  But if you dare to venture into the brush you will certainly come upon what will be the bane of your off-trail existence: cat briar or green briar or bull thorn (Smilax rotundifolia). 

5 years ago Bob Mailloux took a leap. He had noticed a lot of kids around the Cape were getting in trouble, and he was worried. He signed up as a mentor, through Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

Poetry Sunday: Kim Berner

Jan 26, 2020

Kim Berner reads her poem, "Enduring."

S Junker

WCAI News Director Steve Junker hosts a roundup of some of the week's top local and regional news, including: Mashpee Commons is set to take the next step toward a major expansion; the Steamship Authority has a rough week, including a major crash of its reservations website; and National Grid gets its way with a new power installation on Nantucket.

Courtesy of the US Census Bureau

The 2020 census will begin its count this April, but on the South Coast, Cape Cod and the Islands, efforts are already underway to address hard-to-count populations. At stake are tens-of-millions of dollars in federal funding for Massachusetts.


It’s seed ordering time again. While the cold blows in under the doors and through cracks in the windows, the catalogs pour in through the mail. And it’s time to start thinking about this year’s gardens. What are we going to plant? Well, together with his wife, Peter Staaterman runs Longnook Meadows Farm in Truro, and he has an idea.

Dan Tritle

People love their pets- dogs, cats, birds and lizards- some people even consider chickens their pets. Taking an animal in, regardless of species, is a commitment of time and resources. We talk with veterinarian Steven Atwood about some of the most common pet diseases in our region, prevention and treatment options, and we take your pet health questions.

Ben Bonouvrier

You can get out of the house this weekend to enjoy music, flowers, history, and more. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

Eve Zuckoff

Nearly 200 people streamed into a public forum Tuesday night at Falmouth Public High School, where town officials explained their decision to shut down the West Falmouth fire station and offered a window into the future of fire protection for the town. 

More women are diagnosed with breast cancer than any other type of cancer besides skin cancer. When the cancer is found early, and only in the breast tissue, survival rates are high. If the diagnosis is metastatic breast cancer, there is no cure. On The Point, we hear about the different kinds of breast cancer, treatment options for metastatic breast cancer, and we talk with women living with the disease.  

Mark Faherty

One of the biggest bird stories this winter has been the record number of Painted Buntings on the Cape, of which there have been upwards of nine individuals. The common-sense guess for the number of Painted Buntings on Cape Cod is of course zero – this colorful southern species breeds north barely into North Carolina and winters in tropical climes. This is a bird that should live the entirety of its natural life without seeing so much as frost on the windshield, never mind snow and ice. 

House Plants

Jan 21, 2020
J. Junker

House plants can add vitality and beauty to our homes, and many are very easy to care for. Our guest on The Point is Marsha Potash: she shares her enthusiasm for housplants, along with tips for best results. Mindy Todd hosts.