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Mattapoisett Launches First Master Plan in 20 Years

Mattapoisett master plan website

Mattapoisett has embarked on its first master planning process in 20 years.

The town’s mix of housing types and the busy Route 6 corridor are likely to get a lot of attention as the town lays out its vision for the future, according to Planning Board administrator Mary Crain.

Just like on the Cape and Islands, some residents have trouble finding affordable, year-round rental housing, she said. Some vacate their winter rentals in the spring to make way for higher summer rates.

“There's not too many ... new housing developments,” she said. “So in terms of [the] number of choices, and a range of affordability, that’s definitely an issue, I would say, for this community.”

The new master plan will help guide decisions about economic development, pedestrian-friendly streets, open space, and more.

Many residents want to see improvements along Route 6, the town’s main business thoroughfare. It’s a state road, so there are limits on what the town can do, but residents’ suggestions still have value, Crain said.

“You can still provide input and feedback to the state in terms of making it safer — perhaps slowing down traffic a little bit, making a little more pedestrian friendly,” she said.

The town is working with the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District.

They’ve scheduled public workshops via Zoom for Wednesday, Aug. 26, at 7 p.m. and Saturday, Aug. 29, at 10 a.m. To register, visit the master plan web page here: