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Host of All Things Considered, Reporter

Brian Morris began working with WCAI in 2005 as an independent reporter/producer, and joined the staff full time in December, 2013. He has contributed to the station's “Creative Life” series, produced the “Nautical Minutes” series of :60 vignettes about nautical life on the Cape and Islands, reported on South Coast issues, and provided field production support for "The Point." He is host of WCAI's All Things Considered.

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244 years ago, on the morning of September 27th, 1774, 1,500 Cape Cod residents gathered at the Old Colonial Courthouse in Barnstable. The protesters were upset about new, punitive laws the British had imposed shortly after the Boston Tea Party.

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On this week's edition of Looking Skyward: The Fall Equinox means shorter days ahead, breadbox-size hopping robots land on a fast-moving asteroid, and astronomers think they’ve discovered Mr. Spock’s home planet.

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From behind the wheel of a grey mini-van, long-time Martha’s Vineyard resident Elaine Weintraub leads a tour of the island’s African American Heritage Trail.

“The purpose is to affirm African American presence wherever it occurred,” said Weintraub, Director of the Heritage Trail.  

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On this week's edition of Looking Skyward: A green-hued comet makes its closest approach to Earth in 70 years, and the story of Dr. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, the British astrophysicist who discovered pulsars, but is only now being recognized for her achievement.

As part of the Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival Author Series, President Bill Clinton was on the Vineyard in August to discuss his first novel The President is Missing. The book is co-authored with James Patterson. We recorded Clinton in conversation with Bob Barnett discussing the timely issues that the novel raises about our world as well as the collaborative writing process.


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This year marks the 172nd anniversary of the Great Fire that destroyed much of Nantucket’s downtown. 

Recently, the Nantucket Historical Association sponsored a “Great Fire Tour,” complete with a vintage 1945 pumper truck on loan from the Nantucket Hotel. With about ten people aboard, the fire truck began slowly lumbering through Nantucket’s downtown – vastly different today from what it was in 1846.

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There’s lots to talk about in the world of astronomy: Andromeda Galaxy is currently visible, but you need a dark sky to see it. There’s a rogue free-range planet with a magnetic force and a strong aurora that’s being detected by scientists, and experts are saying that there’s no life in the Omega Centauri. 

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Experience music, culture and dance this weekend across the Cape and on the Vineyard. 

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Say the phrase “Cape Cod house,” and most people picture a quaint, grey-shingled cottage. But deep in the woods of Wellfleet, a group of outliers defy that stereotype. These are modern homes built by a group of bohemian designers who gravitated to the area in the 1930s and 40s and pioneered the school of modern architecture. Several of these houses have been restored by the Cape Cod Modern House Trust, which offers tours of the homes during summer.

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On this week's Looking Skyward: An underwater lake on Mars, Jupiter now has 79 moons, and NASA’s mission to learn more about the Sun.

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This week marks the 200th birthday of Maria Mitchell, the noted astronomer who started her career on Nantucket.

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Neutrinos, cosmic rays, and Oumuamua - learn more about what's going on in the world of astronomy as WCAI's "All Things Considered" host Brian Morris speaks with Regina Jorgenson, Director of Astronomy at the Maria Mitchell Association on Nantucket.

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The Cape Cod Coliseum is a former entertainment venue in South Yarmouth that once hosted ice hockey games, professional wrestling matches, as well as some of most legendary acts in rock music.

The Coliseum opened in 1972. It was initially built as an arena for youth and amateur ice hockey matches, and was home to the Cape Cod Cubs of the Eastern Hockey League.

Giant dust storms on Mars; searching for new exo-planets; and the first photo of a planet being born. WCAI's "All Things Considered" host Brian Morris speaks with Regina Jorgenson, Director of Astronomy at the Maria Mitchell Association on Nantucket, about what’s happening in the sky during the month of July.

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Provincetown is already gearing up to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ landing in 1620. Many of the celebrations will center around the Pilgrim Monument, which sits atop High Pole Hill, affording a spectacular view of the town and harbor below.