Hayley Fager

Associate Producer, Morning Edition

Hayley Fager joins WCAI as Associate Producer for Morning Edition. A graduate of Colgate University and former intern with our production partners Atlantic Public Media, Hayley is the producer of Postcards Home, a series of audio postcards from immigrants in the U.S. to family members in their home countries, airing on KCRW in Los Angeles. She also hosted and produced Eco Chicago, a weekly environmental news radio show. Before making radio Hayley worked as a whole animal butcher and urban farmer advocate.

Hayley Fager

Mike Martin has been playing flute on Surf Drive beach for years. He's become a fixture for visitors and regulars, probably because he's usually surrounded by ducks. Mike has gotten to know the birds pretty well over time. But his favorite fans still haven't learned how to clap. 

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Hayley Fager




If you drive around Chatham, you’ll see a lot of images of sharks. Some are goofy and cartoonish, and some are intended to strike fear.  In the wake of two shark bites on Cape Cod this year, including the state’s first fatality in more than 80 years, questions have arisen whether the commercial industry around the predator may need to be reassessed.


September 10-16, 2018 is National Suicide Prevention Week in the United States. 

WCAI Morning Edition Producer Hayley Fager spoke with Heidi Nelson, Chief Executive Officer at Duffy Health Center, about a program on the Cape that uses data systems to prevent suicide

Eliza McClennan, pleasantbay.org

Pleasant Bay is one of the largest estuaries on Cape Cod, and it stretches across 4 towns: Orleans, Chatham, Harwich and Brewster. These towns just received a  state permit for clean-up efforts in the bay. It's one of the first permits to be issued for a watershed, not just a town or towns.

Hayley Fager



It’s a beautiful day at the beach, but officials at the National Seashore are telling people to swim with caution. Chief Ranger Leslie Reynolds’ educates people on shark safety.

Hayley Fager


If you drive around the Cape this time of year, you’ll probably hear the tree crews before you see them. Matt Mitko does residential tree removal, and he’s exhausted.

“We’re barely done with our winter emergencies and people are already concerned about hurricane season,” he said.

Hayley Fager


On this page we've gathered information and resources to help you prepare your home and make a plan in the event of a major storm.

Jefferson State Community College; jeffersonstate.edu

Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) has taken over the Funeral Services program from Mount Ida College, which closed earlier this year. 4Cs  plans to start offering classes this fall to nearly 30 students at Mount Ida Ccollege who were displaced when the school announced its closure in April.


There's an air quality alert today that includes Barnstable County and Duke's County. Morning Edition producer Hayley Fager spoke with Ed Coletta, the spokesperson for the Massachusetts department of environmental protection to learn what people can do to stay safe.

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A new local insurance plan could provide some Cape homeowners with an alternative to the Massachusetts Fair Plan—that’s the insurer of last resort for homeowners who can’t get a policy on the commercial insurance market.

University of Rhode Island Superfund Program STEEP

Scientists at the University of Rhode Island are coming to the Cape to see if there are contaminants in drinking water. They're looking for residents to volunteer to have their private wells tested for compounds called PFOA.