Jay Allison

Founder and Executive Producer

Jay Allison is the Founder and Executive Producer of WCAI. He one of public radio’s most honored producers and has won virtually every major industry award, including six Peabodys. Over the last thirty-five years, he has independently produced hundreds of documentaries and features for radio and television. He is currently produces The Moth Radio Hour and, before that, was the host and curator of This I Believe on NPR, and co-edited the best-selling books based on that series.Jay is the Executive Director of WCAI’s production partner, Atlantic Public Media in Woods Hole, and with APM he co-created the acclaimed websites Transom.org, which helps people tell their own stories, and the Public Radio Exchange (prx.org), which helps get those stories on the radio. With his friends the Kitchen Sisters, Jay co-produced the NPR series Lost & Found Sound, the post-9/11 Sonic Memorial Project, and Hidden Kitchens. On WCAI, Jay hosts the Sunday night program, Arts & Ideas, and with the team at Atlantic Public Media he edits the series, Creative Life, The Local Food Report, One Species at a Time, and other local projects, including the Sonic IDs, the interstitial community vignettes, which have served as a model for other public radio stations around the country. Jay is married to the media producer, Melissa Allison, and has lived in Woods Hole for 25 years. He has five children. He likes to fish and ride vehicles with two wheels. His favorite cephalopod is squid. 

Ways to Connect

Glen Carey

Kelly McEvers was the Middle East correspondent for NPR during an increasingly turbulent time. As she reports from Syria, Yemen and Bahrain under gunfire, tear gas and explosions she begins to wonder why she is risking her life to cover the stories.

December 22, 2012

7pm: Bill Moyers: The First Storytellers - with Joseph Campbell

8pmPlaying on Air: Great American theater with Oscar award actors

9pm: State of The Re-Union: Jacksonville, Florida

December 16, 2012

7pm: Moyers & Company: Sacrifice and Bliss: with Joseph Campbell
8pmHistory of Gun Ownership in America: the backstory with the American History Guys

December 9, 2012

7pm: State of the Re-Union: Tuscon: the borderlands
8pm: America Abroad: Islamism in Africa
9pm: Dave Brubeck: In his own Sweet Way
10pm: Snap Judgment: Toxic -  stories of decisions that change lives

December 2, 2012

7pm: Native America: The nation's first nations - Hearing Voices
8pm: NPR's Debate series: Are the rich taxed enough?
9pm: Sidney Bechet: A jazz profile of the Soprano Sax King
10pm: Snap Judgment: Stories of Gratitude