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Luke Green


Luke Green is a Reporter and Host of Weekend Edition on WCAI since October 2020. 

He has been listening to podcasts since he was growing up in Philadelphia’s suburbs, but never spoke into a microphone or even considered audio as a career until he arrived at Wesleyan University in 2016, where he quickly became involved at the school station, WESU, as a DJ and Production Director on the Board of Directors.

At the station Luke saw first-hand the power of community radio and loved the vibrancy of an eclectic, free-form station. He was responsible for training new DJs to use the live studio and editing software, producing Pledge Drive promos, local PSA’s, and pre-produced programming, as well as coordinating live studio performance from student and community artists. He also hosted two music shows with his friends, one featuring live performance and one centered around a playlist and a guest. 

In his free time, he can be found listening to music, cooking, or biking around Woods Hole.

  • The Nantucket Historical Association has acquired a first-edition book written by Frederick Douglass, the famous American abolitionist who escaped slavery. Titled My Bondage, My Freedom, it was published in 1855, and is an autobiography of the first part of Douglass’s life. He describes his childhood growing up as a slave, as well as his escape and settlement as a free man in the North.