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Pearl Macek

I was born and mostly raised in the Caribbean but, thanks to my father’s job as a boat captain, I spent most of my childhood summers here on the Cape in Falmouth.  We took a break from Cape Cod for a couple of years when we sailed around the world on my father’s 55-foot schooner. After those two years my father returned to the Cape to work here on the Cape in the summer and he decided that he would keep the boat here in Woods Hole and for the first time, I came into contact with WCAI.  After graduating from the University of Puerto Rico with a B.A. in Psychology, I moved to Europe and began working in my field in countries like Belgium, Romania and France. I am currently in the process of applying to graduate school for a Masters degree in Journalism here in the United States and I wanted to gain some experience first so I asked the team at WCAI if I could work with them for a couple of months. Being here at WCAI has been fabulous. Everybody that works at the station is friendly, down to earth and great at what they do. It is a priviledge and an honor to be part of such a wonderful group of people.