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Sarah Tan is a reporter for WCAI covering news on the Cape, Islands and South Coast. She's bounced around on all the coasts and comes to the station from Oakland, California, where she was freelancing for public radio stations KQED, KALW and KRCB. Before that, she was a print reporter for the Times Picayune in New Orleans, and before that, she was just a girl with dreams of being a journalist on Long Island, New York. She is a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and Johns Hopkins University. 

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The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth is no longer designated as one of the country's worst performing powerplants, according to the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). In the Commission's most recent assessment report, it states that the plant has met all outstanding safety concerns. 

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This year the offshore wind company Vineyard Wind plans to start construction on a wind farm south of Martha’s Vineyard, with more than 80 turbines. Several other commercial wind-power projects are proposed for the state’s coastal waters. And while the first offshore turbine has yet to go up in Massachusetts, already this new industry is beginning to have an impact on local classrooms, from elementary grades to college.

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The Nantucket Cottage Hospital will begin transferring patients to its new building on Wednesday. It’s the island’s only hospital, and the new building replaces one that’s been in service for over half a century.

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Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station is nearly 50 years old. It’s moving toward a permanent shutdown in four months, but there are still concerns about safety. When a nuclear power plant closes, it leaves radioactive waste, and a lot of unanswered questions.

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When Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station closes in May of this year, it will mark a turning point for the town of Plymouth, for nuclear power in the region, and for one woman, who’s been working to shut down Pilgrim for three decades.

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Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth is one of the worst performing power plants in the country, and it’s scheduled to shut down permanently in four months. Built in the 1970s, it's been continuously supplying the region with power since 1989, but for security reasons, only a few people besides employees have been inside. 


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For many federal institutions around the Cape, the end of the government shutdown doesn’t mean that things are back to business-as-usual just yet. 

A New Bedford fishing boat.
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New Bedford fishermen are worried about how catch limits and fishing permits will be affected by the government shutdown, as it enters its 35th day with no end in sight. The shutdown has furloughed many National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) employees, the organization that processes permitting and catch limits. 

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As the government shutdown enters its third week, many federal employees living on Cape Cod are starting to feel the squeeze. Some are beginning to look to community resources for help.

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Lawyers for actor Kevin Spacey entered a not guilty plea on his behalf at his arraignment today in Nantucket District Court.

Spacey appeared in the small courthouse with his two lawyers, entering through a media swarm. He was formally charged with sexual assault and battery of an 18-year-old, in connection with an incident from 2016. 

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The first recreational marijuana store for the South Coast opened its doors to customers on Friday. It's the state's fourth recreational store, and it's the closest store for Cape Cod residents.

The Cape has a little over 200,000 year-round residents, and just under 15 percent are school-aged children. It’s an unusual statistic—towns elsewhere in Massachusetts have numbers closer to 30 percent, and the Cape’s school-aged population is predicted to decline even more over the next decade. For some towns, the answer to this challenge is regionalization of schools; and for some parents, the answer is school choice.

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A new demographic report shows that the number of children on Cape Cod has been declining since 2010, as the population shifts to one that’s more elderly, childless, and seasonal. School officials are already seeing these effects, particularly on the Outer Cape, where enrollment numbers are slipping. 

East coast residents are seeing rats in new places. On Cape Cod in Massachusetts, rats have moved from dumpster denizens to household pests.

For people like Mike Travers, an exterminator with EcoGeek pest control, this means that business is booming. While no one's counting the rats up and down the east coast, Travers says he's seen a definite uptick in the Cape's population over the past five years. These days, he says his company goes out multiple times a day to address rat problems at peoples' homes.

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The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) wrapped up a two-day bidding process for three  parcels of ocean to be developed for offshore wind farms, the highest grossing offshore wind auction to date.