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Fridays during summer

Some of the best recreational fishing anywhere can be found in the waters around Cape Cod. We've got bluefish off Popponesset, black sea bass in Buzzards Bay, bonito on the back side of Martha's Vineyard, bluefin tuna off Chatham, scup in Woods Hole, striped bass in the Big Ditch - really, wherever the fish are, we'll be talking about them on the Fishing News. Join us each week during saltwater fishing season as Steve Junker checks in with the folks at On the Water magazine and others to find out who's catching what where around the Cape and Islands—and how they're doing it.

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  • It's estimated that 5 million people tried fishing for the first time last year, many of them seeking outdoor activities amidst the pandemic. The trend is likely to continue. If you're interested in discovering fishing here on Cape Cod and the Islands, we've got some tips.
  • Not so very far offshore from Cape Cod, along the edge of the continental shelf, fishermen are catching swordfish and tile fish, mahi-mahi and blue marlin. It happens in an area called 'The Canyons.'
  • Cape Cod has unique fishing opportunities in every direction – but perhaps none more so than "The Big Ditch." Yeah, that’s the Cape Cod Canal.
  • Rough water? Fish love it — that transition between smooth water and turbulent, typically marked by a standing wave, is called a rip. Around here it most often happens where current is rushing over a sandbar, with the bottom contour changing sharply.
  • Fishing is about connection: with the tide, with the weather, with every nudge and hint nature offers toward the unseen. And if you want a direct connection with the fish itself, nothing beats holding the line in your hand as a fish takes the fly.
  • For the second year, a three-fish limit is in place for bluefish. But there are signs the little-studied species may be rebounding, with plenty of bluefish action reported around the Cape.
  • Black sea bass season opened a couple of weeks ago, and the fishing has been good. With their long tendrils and iridescent blue coloring, black sea bass may be the most exotic-looking fish in our waters. They may also be the tastiest.
  • Striped bass are here – so here's what you need to know about regulations this year for recreational fishermen. And we roundup the local fishing action, including where to look for bigger bass and good news for the bluefish bite.
  • These days of blustery north winds are tough on Cape Cod anglers. But we've got tips for not letting the weather get you down, as you're thinking about…
  • Fall means the fishing for snapper bluefish takes off. They're often easy to find around docks and harbors, they’re tasty, and they’re great fish for…