After a Slow Start, Large Striped Bass Begin Showing Up

Jun 21, 2019

Credit S Junker

Welcome to another season of the Fishing News! The only thing most Cape fishermen want to talk about at this time of year is striped bass. Where are the big ones? And is the size limit really going to jump next year?

Striped bass are a migratory species. Each fall they leave our waters to head south. They return in the late spring, after spawning in places like the Chesapeake Bay and the Hudson River.

Kevin Blinkoff, of On The Water magazine, says, while we've seen a slow trickle of smaller fish arriving around the Cape for the past month, it's taken a little longer this year for the bigger fish to arrive.

Additionally, concerns about the health of the species are growing, and it looks increasingly likely that next year will bring a jump in the catch limit. The current limit is one fish a day at 28" or larger. Next year it may rise to one fish at 35" or 36"--or perhaps, instead, a slightly lower size limit that's configured as a slot.  Meaning: one fish at 34", but no larger than 40". Right now, Blinkoff says, it's too soon to know what regulators may do.

For the complete fishing forecast, and to hear all about this week's fishing action, listen to the 4-minute Fishing News above.