Anglers Await Bluefin Tuna, Look Longingly to the South

Aug 10, 2018


Normally, this is prime time for bluefin tuna fishing, but so far it's been a bit quiet. There’s an idea that the phenomenal bluefin action happening this year off northern New Jersey may be related—that those fish are the ones we're missing.

Kevin Blinkoff, of On The Water magazine, said perhaps the bluefin, which are great migrators, have stayed to the south. “Perhaps they found food down there that they like, and there's a good chance that maybe they'll move up north as the water warms,” Blinkoff said. “So we're still holding out hope, for maybe toward the end of this month and into September, which has traditionally been a great month for us for bluefin tuna fishing.”

We've got more details on bluefin, and what tuna you can target in their absence, in The Fishing News.  We also roundup the inshore action. Give it a listen.