Another Dead North Atlantic Right Whale Found Off Cape Cod

Oct 24, 2017

International Fund for Animal Welfare Necropsy Coordinator Misty Niemeyer stands next to a North Atlantic Right Whale carcass on Nashawena Island. It's the 16th whale to be discovered dead this year. North Atlantic Right Whales are critically endangered.
Credit International Fund for Animal Welfare

Another North Atlantic Right Whale has been found dead off the coast of Cape Cod. A boater found the whale carcass Monday on Nashawena Island, part of the Elizabeth Islands off Woods Hole. It's the 16th North Atlantic Right Whale to be discovered dead so far this year. 

The news comes as researchers released the latest data on the critically endangered species at a consortium last weekend; North Atlantic Right Whale numbers dropped last year from about 524 to just 451 left in the world.

WCAI’s Kathryn Eident talked with Misty Niemeyer, necropsy coordinator for the International fund for Animal Welfare, to learn more about the whale carcass discovered Monday.

If you see a marine mammal in trouble on Cape Cod, call the International Fund for Animal Welfare's emergency hotline: 508-743-9548.