Aquariums Provide Access to Marine Life for Public, and for Researchers

Jun 24, 2013

Black Sea Bass looks out of a tank at the Woods Hole Aquarium
Credit JJ

Aquariums are the topic on the second of two shows looking at ocean education outside the classroom.

Millions of Americans visit an aquarium each year. In fact, some 80,000 people from around the world visit the tiny Woods Hole Science Aquarium. For many aquarium visitors, the touch tank may be as close as they get to a first-hand experience with marine life.

While public education is the top priority of most aquariums, science and conservation are also high on the list. Here in New England, there's a tradition of aquariums taking an active role in animal rescue, rehabilitation, and field research.

In case all this talk of aquariums gets you in the mood for a visit: